Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring A Loss Adjuster In South Florida

loss adjuster

Filing an insurance claim sounds like a straightforward process, but often insurance companies will find ways to either delay the payment or deny the claim altogether.

That is why many people decide to hire a loss adjuster instead of having to go through the claims process themselves. While an adjuster may make navigating a claim more manageable, it is important to ask several important questions to guarantee you are hiring the best available in South Florida.

Reasons To Hire A Loss Adjuster

Many do not give hiring a loss adjuster a second thought because they are under the impression that the company adjuster will try as hard as possible to settle the claim quickly and justly. This idea is not always the case.

Some of the reasons people decide to hire an adjuster include:

  • Time

    People are often too busy to go through the process of filing or disputing a claim. A loss adjuster will complete all the needed documents and investigations to negotiate and complete a claim.

  • Language

    Policies and negotiations are often written in complicated legalese that makes them hard for many people to understand. An adjuster can help to decipher these terms.

  • Communication

    Hiring a loss adjuster is a great way to have someone look more closely at the claim and policy if there is a communication problem with the company adjuster.

  • Second Opinion

    People often hire a loss adjuster to better determine if the company adjuster is treating them fairly.

  • Settlement

    Hiring an adjuster can often lead to the policyholder receiving a more substantial settlement to make the person or property whole again.

What To Ask A Loss Adjuster

If you believe that you could benefit from hiring a loss adjuster, it is essential to not go with the first one you come across.

To find the right one for you, you should ask these questions:

1. What Claims Do You Handle?

There are just as many types of claims as there are types of insurance, so it is crucial that you find a loss adjuster who has experience in your type of claim.

2. Are You NAPIA Registered?

Loss Adjusters are to adhere to the standards set up by the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA). It is essential to ask whether they are registered with NAPIA as it ensures that they will comply with their codes.

3. Are You State-Licensed?

Florida requires that a loss adjuster be licensed within the state. This requirement means that they have taken a state-approved adjuster designation course or pass the Florida Adjuster Examination. An adjuster with the proper certification must apply and maintain the appropriate Florida Adjuster License that fits their practice area.

4. Do You Have References?

While it is now much easier to find references and reviews online, asking for letters of recommendation and referrals from a firm’s previous clients can be more valuable. Of course, it is always a good idea to contact the clients for a different view of how the firm and loss adjusters conduct and oversee their business and customers.

5. How Many Open Claims Do You Have?

It is vital to choose a loss adjuster who has the time it takes to dedicate to your claim.

If a loss adjuster has several open claims, it might not be possible for them to give your claim the astute attention it takes to not only help you receive the best settlement but to also accurately fill out paperwork and conduct investigations.

Loss Adjusters In Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties

Many find that hiring an adjuster is an excellent asset to disputing or expediting a settlement. While this is true in many cases, it is crucial to ask these critical questions to guarantee that you find the right one for your claim.

If you are looking for a loss adjuster in South Florida who will get you the settlement you deserve, look no further than Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters! Our dedicated adjusters have been working for South Florida residents and not the insurance companies since 2007. Call us today at 1-877-561-2524.