Florida Public Adjuster

Public Adjuster

The Florida Public Adjuster, Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters, work for you, not the insurance company, to help you achieve a better insurance settlement. Filing a claim for damages from hurricanes, storms, fires and other natural disasters, can be a time-consuming hassle. This Florida Public Adjuster will file your claim and negotiate for you, to get you the best insurance settlement possible.

If you have already filed an insurance claim, but felt you were treated unfairly and not awarded an amount to cover all the damages, this Florida Public Adjuster can still help you. There are testimonials from clients who received a first amount from their insurance company, and then a much higher amount after this Florida Public Adjuster was hired to help. In some cases, property owners can see up to 500% more payment on their claim than if working without a Florida Public Adjuster.

With years of experience assessing damages caused by water, mold, plumbing leaks, roof leaks, fire and smoke, these Florida Public Adjusters have the expertise, resources and credibility to help you.

Some people don’t file an insurance claim for fear of their policy being canceled or their rates being increased. This Florida Public Adjuster would like you to know that this is a false concern. Some others don’t file insurance claims because they think the cost of the damage does not exceed their deductible. This Florida Public Adjuster would like you to know that structural damage, mold, and expenses related to cleanup and loss of power can be paid by the insurance company. There are many other areas where the expertise and knowledge of this Florida Public Adjuster can help you.

Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters are trained and licensed Florida Public Adjusters and they only get paid if you do.