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When a hurricane blows into town or a flood flows into your house or business, Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters want to help you receive a better insurance payout to cover your damages.

Usually after disaster strikes, you file a claim with your insurance company and they send an adjuster to your home or business to assess the damage. However, Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters work for you, not the insurance company, and they will fight for you receive a better insurance payment, compared to filing without a public adjuster.

Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters take the hassle out of filing a claim with your insurance company, as they work with you on filing your claim and in dealing with the insurance adjusters. They have the expertise and experience to secure a better insurance payout for your damages and get your property repaired as soon as possible. Along with helping people who have not yet filed a claim with their insurance company or who are in the process of filing a claim for damages, they can also help policyholders who feel they have received an unfair settlement from their insurance company get a better insurance payout.

The claim filed by Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters will identify every bit of damage to your property, from the most obvious to the smallest detail, making sure to secure you a better insurance payout. Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters can help you get what you deserve, just when you need it the most.

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