What Are My Rights When Working with a Florida Public Loss Adjuster?

public loss adjuster

Florida is well known for many things: Disney World, beautiful beaches, year-round sunshine…and, unfortunately, hurricanes. At some point as a Florida resident, you may experience damage to your home or property from one of these tropical storms. Consequently, you may find yourself in need of a public loss adjuster. What exactly is that, and why would you need one?

A public loss adjuster is someone who helps you with processing insurance claims when you lose or experience damage to your property or possessions. This could be a part of your home, your business property, or your vehicle.

How Loss Adjusters Help You

It’s not recommended to figure out how to process complex insurance claims on your own. Dealing with work, family, and other responsibilities in the aftermath of a stressful event is hard enough on its own. Having to deal with paperwork and phone calls to insurance companies on top of that is probably the last thing you want to do. Fortunately, experts in this area of Florida law are well equipped to assist in this area.

The Right Attorney Represents Your Rights

Working with an attorney can help you obtain the best possible settlement for your damaged property. Your public loss adjuster will represent your best interests in court and negotiate on your behalf. A public loss adjuster helps protect you against potential coverage issues, multiple policy claims, evaluation of lost property or possessions, claims for business interruption, and bad faith actions from your insurance company. Your lawyer will be sure to present high-definition photographs of the damage that occurred, so an accurate assessment of loss can be determined.

Public Loss Adjusters and More in South Florida

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for people who have experienced property damage or loss to say that they did not get a fair payout from their insurance companies. At Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters, we are passionate about fighting for the settlement amount that you deserve, right when you need it. We specialize in residential and commercial claims, as well as HOA claims, and more.

Many public loss claims end with settlements, but occasionally it’s necessary to appear in court to settle the issue. You can rest assured that your best interests will be represented before a judge, jury, or arbitration panel so you can focus on other tasks at hand: the emotional well-being of your family, your ongoing business, and managing your own personal stress.

Get In Touch with A Florida Public Loss Adjuster

Let a legal expert deal with all the red tape and hassle that’s inherent when dealing with insurance companies. Our expertise will get you the best possible settlement to repair your property and belongings as quickly as possible. We leave no detail unnoticed when it comes to fighting for your insurance payout. If you’ve experienced property damage or loss, call us today at 877-561-2524 to schedule a consultation.