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plumbing leak claims

What Can I Do About Plumbing Leak Claims?

A plumbing leak can create a mess and cause damage to your property. Homeowners insurance policies have gaps in coverage, which can leave you paying for expensive plumbing leak claims. Here are some of your options for dealing with plumbing…

kitchen leak claims

Get Help With Residential Kitchen Leak Claims

A water leak in your kitchen can range from an annoying dripping faucet to enormous damage from a burst pipe. If the damage is severe enough to claim on insurance, it’s best to call in a professional public adjuster who…

flood damage

Types Of Flood Damage Covered By Insurance

At times, insurance can feel like a grudge investment, but in most cases it is essential. If you’ve ever experienced flood damage that has been covered by insurance, then you’ll understand the value. But how do you know when you’re…