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Mold can severely affect your health and the health of anyone coming in and out of your business. At Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters, we are committed to getting you the highest amount of funding you need. No Fees unless we collect – There is no money upfront – no out of your pocket unless we collect.

What is Mold & Mildew?x

Mold is a spore-like fungus that develops from moisture in an enclosed area. Mildew is a type of fungus that can get slimy and change in color from untreated moisture and humidity.

What We Dox

Mold and mildew claims must be filed as soon as possible. By contacting us first, you will get the maximized settlement you want to make the needed repairs. A public adjuster will assess the damage and work for you—not the insurance companies. Long-term exposure is not good for anyone’s health and should be fixed immediately.

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We are committed to keeping you involved in the claims process. Our team puts your needs first with success! Contact us today to get started!

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