Hurricane & Wind Claim

Hurricane & Wind Claim

When June 1st rolls around the corner, Floridians know that hurricane season is upon them. Hurricanes and tropical storms can be destructive with the level of rain and wind speeds that even longtime residents cannot be prepared for. With Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters, our goal is to get you the funding you need to make steadfast repairs.

Hurricane Tips

We recommend the following tips so you can protect your business during the most critical time of year:

  • Move things away from the windows in the event of severe storm-force winds
  • Shutter windows and doors with hurricane-grade shutters or plywood
  • Make sure there is no foliage or shrubs that can damage your business
  • Always stay safe with plenty of basic living supplies
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What We Do

After a hurricane, we are prepared to get you the claim you need. Roof damage is the most common claim filed right after a storm hits. No other public adjuster will get you the level of expertise for a successful claim.

If there is damage, we recommend taking photos immediately upon discovery. This helps strengthen your claim and avoids displacement after such an event. No Fees unless we collect – There is no money upfront – no out of your pocket unless we collect.


Are You Looking for Hurricane & Wind Claim?

It is important that you have a strong public adjuster by your side. No business should ever halt operations for a prolonged period after a storm.

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