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“I had a broken pipe in my kitchen and had file a claim with my insurance company myself and they had only given me $ 900.00 to make my repairs and all of my cabinets had been damaged. I heard about Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters from my Pastor and called them up and hired them. They reopened my insurance claim and within one month they got me an additional 13,000.00 dollars. I was able to replace my entire kitchen. They are professional and I would highly recommend them if you have damage and have to make an insurance claim.” Deloris R., Miami, FL
“There was a water line that burst in the ceiling of my laundry room and flooding my entire house. I had damage throughout as well as a lot of furniture and contents that were damaged. Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters came out immediately and helped inventory all of my contents and put together an estimate of damages and submitted it to my insurance company. They also met the adjuster at my home and negotiated the entire claim for me. I am an elderly person and was very upset when this happened. Atlantic Coast took all of the stress off my shoulders and settled the claim for me getting me what I deserved. Thank you, Atlantic Coast!!” J.N., Hollywood, Florida
“After damages to my home, I received $32,483.11 from my insurance company. My bills from all the contractors far exceeded what the insurance company gave me. The adjusters at Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters reopened the claim and got me an additional $43,367.44. The extra money they got for me was more than enough to completely pay for all my repairs.” M.T., Miami, Florida
“At the time I was building my new home, there was a severe water leak, which halted all construction. Since the situation was so complex, I did not know where to begin. I called the adjusters at Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters and they got me close to $750,000.” R.B., Miami, Florida


“We had a sinkhole in the parking lot of our building. It originally started out as a hole that was about one foot wide. Within about a week the hole grew to about 12 feet across and 12 feet deep. I called Atlantic Coast and they made a sinkhole claim with our insurance company and they dealt with the engineers and the insurance company adjusters and got us a payment of 175 thousand dollars. This enabled us to due the repairs quickly and completely. We run a business with a significant number of employees and needed professionals who are experts in dealing with the insurance company to help us. Atlantic Coast public Adjusters did just that. “I didn’t have the time nor the expertise to deal with the insurance co.” I highly recommend Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters to any business owner who has any type of ins. claim. They make it seamless any easy.”

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