South Florida Public Adjusters For Commercial Flood Damage

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Flood damage can wreak havoc for your business through physical damage as well as by preventing your business from operating as per normal. In areas like South Florida, weather elements can cause serious flood damage to homes and businesses. Flooding is an occurrence that requires thorough investigation and assessment. Water damage can have a negative effect on your business premises, the health of your employees and other occupants. You’ll want to get this process started right away to prevent any further losses.

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How Can We Help?

Commercial insurance policies can be complicated and filled with conditions that you may initially overlook. This may result in your claim falling shy of the cost of damages your business has suffered. Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters assist businesses in getting back on their feet by managing the claims process. Public adjusters by law must be licensed and bonded by the State of Florida, and more specifically the Florida Department of Insurance. We are experienced in advocating for our clients and treat each claim with the level of urgency and priority that is required.

What Does The Claims Process Entail?

Let’s breakdown the process of filing your claim:

  • Initially, you’ll need to ensure that there are no immediate dangers still at play. As the policyholder, you are required to prevent any further physical or economic damage as far as possible.
  • A strategy for the claims process must be established. You need to keep in mind your employees, customers, and suppliers. The claims process can sometimes be long but we’ll work with you to ensure this is carried out as efficiently as possible.
  • It’s important to understand the terms and conditions of your policy which include methods of valuation, and the limitations in your policy.
  • Following that, damages will be evaluated, and the claim documents prepared. This will include reports from the relevant experts. Commercial insurance categories include damage to property as well as business interruption and subsequent loss of income etc. Should you incur any other operational expenses during this time, it will be added to the claim.
  • The claim will be sent to your insurance company where they will review and adjust where they feel necessary. There is a high chance that differences will occur.
  • Once the claim process has been finalized and a settlement has been reached, you can begin repair work.
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It’s important to have a clear strategy for your commercial claim. Know what you’re working with, be prepared for the outcomes and be sure that your claim is being handled with the experts.

We’ll guide you through the process of claiming for commercial flood damage and ensure that your business gets the maximum payout that you are due, so you don’t suffer any further losses. We understand insurance policies and are able to efficiently and successfully evaluate your claim, with you as the policyholder in mind.

We will negotiate this settlement on your behalf so that you can continue to focus on the importance of running your business and ensure that we’re in contact throughout. Your claim will be settled to your benefit and you can move forward with repairs and regular day-to-day operations. If you currently find yourself in this position, get in contact with us; we’re here to help!