Getting Help With Property Damage Claims

property damage claims

Nobody wants to think about the hassles that come with property damage, but many also do not realize how vast the term covers! According to law experts, not only does property damage cover acts of nature but can also stem from negligence or willful destruction by others to your belongings or home. While the definition is broad, getting help for your property damage claims is a specific process to guarantee you are made whole. Here the expert public adjusters at Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters explain everything you need to know about property damage claims.

Property Damage Basics

When one files a property damage claim, it is a process to seek out compensation from an insurance company. According to the Insurance Information Institute, about one in 20 residential properties will have to file some sort of property damage claim every year. Interestingly, approximately one in 40 of these claims are due to wind and hail damage – a frequent problem in southern Florida. While these are often straightforward claims, the process gets more complex as they become more costly – often seen with fire and lightning damage and affecting about one in 350 insured homes. Surprisingly, only about one in 400 residential claims comes from theft-related property damage.

Things To Know

As seen with the statistics, even with similar claims and damages, no two property damage claim processes will be the same. Hiring a reputable public adjuster to help you with the often-complicated procedure is crucial to guaranteeing that you promptly receive just compensation. Our experts at Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters also offer this advice:

First Steps

Filing a claim with an insurance company is often stressful and hiring a public adjuster makes that one less thing you have to worry about in your time of trouble. Knowing the complicated legalize, laws, and estimation standards is not something most people have experience with and can result in the insurance company taking advantage of your situation. The goal at Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters is to help you understand your policy and rights to make you whole. Not only can we help you navigate complicated paperwork, but we also find experts to estimate the cost of the damages reasonably.

Contact Your Insurance Company

One of the most important things to do first is to contact your insurance company. This allows them to begin assessing the claim as soon as possible. Immediate contact with them is especially vital in instances of storm damage affecting more than just your property. While there is not usually a strict timeline to file your claim, time is always of the essence to get your life back to normal. Again, this is also an excellent time to contact a trusted public adjuster to make sure you get what you deserve.

Secure The Property

The safety of yourself and your family should always come first, but it is also vital to do your best to ensure no further damage happens to your property and that no future injuries occur. While you should never put yourself in harm’s way, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Another benefit to taking these measures is that non-compliance could impact your insurance settlement. Also, removing valuables and other irreplaceable items from the home helps prevent further damage and even theft. You should always make a detailed list of all the property in your home for your insurance company and public adjuster.

Hiring Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters

We understand that any property damage claim is a personally stressful event and process, which is why we work for you and not your insurance company. Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters has helped thousands of clients get the settlement they deserve to get their lives back to normal. Hiring our reputable public adjusters has even helped some cases receive 500% more than what the insurance company offered.

We know you would not go to court without an attorney, so don’t try to settle your property damage claim without a public adjuster! If you have any questions or are ready to get help with your property damage claim, call Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters today at 877-561-2524 or request immediate assistance here!