Commercial Claims Using A Public Adjuster

Commercial Claims Using A Public Adjuster

Would you go to court without a lawyer? Probably not, if you did, you might get a raw deal and the short end of any stick in a court case. When it comes to commercial claims, hiring a public adjuster you trust is as important as hiring a lawyer for a court case.

Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters is committed to your case from start to finish and can even reopen your case if you feel you got an unfair deal. When filing your insurance claim, be sure to hire one of our experts who will assist you at every point and even help you to see the things you might miss if you file alone.

Let’s face it, claims are not always that simple, in fact insurance claims on damaged property can be incredibly complex at times. This is one of the main reasons you need a third party to help you get the best possible claim during a potential crisis. Understanding legal jargon and making sure you don’t miss anything can add stress on top of a potentially already stressful situation.

Some Benefits Of Using A Public Adjuster

Below are just some of the advantages that come with hiring a public claims adjuster to help with your commercial claim.

Save time, money, and valuable resources

With a public adjuster on your side, you will certainly save your time, money and other valuable resources as you submit your claim. The last thing you might feel like doing when you need to submit an insurance claim is become an expert in the law. This is where a public adjuster can change the game for you and ease your claim through from start to finish.

Policyholder protection and best possible outcomes

With an expert from the ACC Public Adjusters office on your side, you can be sure that your rights as a policyholder are governed and protected properly. You don’t want to be unjustly treated, and so it’s important that you have someone who can help protect you ensuring the best possible claim outcomes.

Helping you understand the details in your policy

In today’s world, knowledge is power and sometimes the knowledge you need to really grasp the details of your policy take years of study and experience to fully understand. A public adjuster can turn your policy into an easy to understand document, which means you are empowered throughout the claim process.

Type Of Commercial Claims We Specialize In

At ACC Public Adjusters, we specialize in the following commercial claims, and work efficiently when time is of the essence. Most claims need to happen quickly for various reasons.

  • Business Interruption: Damages can sometimes put a delay on your ability to keep your business running seamlessly. If this is the case, a public adjuster can speed up your claim.

  • Water and Mold Damage Claims: Water and mold damage can sneak up on you with little warning. It can be unsafe in general but also for your health. When it comes to getting repairs covered and also a fair settlement, our team of experts is all you need.

  • Smoke and Fire Claims: Fires can cause immense damage and cause great stress. If you have fire, smoke, soot or ash damage we can negotiate your losses and get fair cover.

  • Hurricane, Wind and Tornado Damage: These are natural disasters and come with the most complex policies around. Our experts know these claims and can assure you have the best cover.

  • Theft and Vandalism: If your claim seems unfair for what has been stolen from you or damaged, our team can work towards a better deal.

  • Sinkholes: This is a familiar issue in South Florida, a public adjuster on your side can help to properly assess your claim.

  • Water Heater: The policies around water heaters can be tough to understand, a public adjuster can make sure you have understanding and a seamless claim experience.

  • Broken Pipe: Broken pipes can cause a lot of damage, especially if they are hidden. At ACC Public Adjusters, we are able to get you a fair claim on damage caused by broken pipes.

Are You Looking For Commercial Claims In South Florida?

The benefits to using a public adjuster far outweighs the struggle of claiming alone. There’s no need to get an unjust deal when you submit your insurance claim on any of the above types of claims. Get in touch with one of our experts today at 877-561-2524. We have your interests at heart, and at the end of the day we don’t get paid until you do.