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Broken Pipes?

Has a pipe recently burst in your Florida home or business, causing water and mold damage to take over? Are you struggling with filing your claim or getting a settlement from the insurance company?
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Heavy Rain?

Has a leaky roof coupled with a nasty storm created water damage or has the climate you live in created a mold problem for you? Are you tired of negotiating with the insurance company about a claim?
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Water Damage?

If so, then you need Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters on your side to help you assess the damage, file your insurance claim, and negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf to secure you a better insurance settlement.
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Types of claimsx

Hurricane Wind Damage

When a hurricane blows through town leaving a path of destruction and wind damage behind… Read more

Accidental Damage

As a home owner, you know the importance of having home insurance for accidental damage coverage… Read more

Fire and Smoke Damage

We’ll be able to direct you to trained fire damage professionals to have your property surveyed to determine the extent… Read more

Hurricane Insurance

If your Florida home or business was damaged by a hurricane, Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters are ready to help you get the hurricane insurance settlement you deserve. Read more

Water and Mold Damage

Has a pipe recently burst in your home or business, causing water and mold damage to take over? Read more

Insurance Settlement

If your Florida home or business was damaged by a hurricane, Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters are ready to… Read more

We’ll help you get a better insurance settlement!

What makes us different x

We’ll help you recover more insurance money if your home or business is damaged by hurricanes, tornadoes, fires or other natural disasters. We will work with you on filing your claim, we will help you in dealing with the insurance adjusters, we will do our utmost to get you a better insurance settlement!

Whether you have already filed your claim or not, are still looking at damage in your property?

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Our Process x

  • Who needs a public adjuster?
  • What will a public adjuster do?
  • Can a public adjuster help me even after I received a settlement from my insurance?
  • Who is a qualified public adjuster?
  • Misconceptions about claims
When disaster strikes and damages occur and you file a claim with your insurance company, an adjuster is often sent to your home or business to assess the damage. But the adjuster works for your insurance company, so he or she may not offer as much as you feel you need to cover your losses.The insurance company may move slowly. You may find that the claims process is confusing and time consuming and decide not to file a claim at all. In any of these instances, Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters can help. We will work with you on filing your claim and in dealing with the insurance adjusters. We will ensure that you are able to restore your home or business to its original condition at the time of loss. The claim that we file will include the small details which are all too often overlooked.
Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters works on your behalf and has the expertise, experience and integrity to prepare your claim properly and secure a settlement that will pay for your damage.Filing a claim and understanding the full extent of your loss can be complex, especially during stressful times when you’re trying to cope with a loss and put your life back together. Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters can help you get what you deserve just when you need it the most.
A qualified public adjuster can help people who have not yet filed a claim or are still in the process of filing a homeowners insurance claim for flood damage, water damage, damage caused by hurricanes, storm damage, vandalism and theft.A qualified public adjuster can even help policyholders after they receive a settlement from their insurance company. This is often the case for people who were awarded settlements that did not cover all of their damages. Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters can help you get the maximum insurance settlement.
Not every public adjuster is the same.Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters is a firm that has the resources, experience and expertise to ensure you receive a settlement that covers all of your damage. At Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters, our professionals have helped scores of homeowners and business owners obtain better insurance settlements. We understand insurance policies. We know your insurance company’s obligations. Our adjusters will prepare your claim the right way to make sure you receive a fast and fair settlement. Using a public adjuster often yields a better insurance payout than you could have secured on your own. Remember, Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters works for you, not the insurance company. We don’t get paid unless you get paid. We are recognized for adhering to the strictest standards of integrity.
Many people have been discouraged from filing a claim because they’ve heard their policy would be canceled or their rates would rise. This is false.Some homeowners or business owners paid for repairs themselves because they felt their losses didn’t exceed their deductible. This is common. But what many people fail to consider is damage you can’t readily see or don’t consider, like structural damage, mold, expenses related to cleanup, loss of power can be paid by the insurance company. That’s where our training and expertise can help. ACC knows how to help homeowners and business owners who have suffered damage from hurricanes, natural disasters, other damaging occurrences collect from their insurance companies.

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