What Is A Public Adjuster?

Public Adjuster

At some point in your life, you’re going to get into a situation where you need to file a claim with an insurance company. This can be a very daunting task, especially when the claim is on the higher side. A public adjuster can be very beneficial when you find yourself in that challenging position.

Property damage can happen at any time — often out of the blue. Flooding, fires, and significant structural damage from a hurricane are all valid reasons to file a claim, especially in a state like Florida where hurricane season can be so detrimental.

Why You Need A Public Adjuster

Public insurance adjusters are the only people available who can represent you, the policyholder. That means they’re the only line of defense between you and the insurance company. They’re typically utilized when a policyholder needs help filing a claim or if you feel you haven’t received the payout you deserve.

As an individual, you don’t have anything at stake when filing a claim with a public adjuster. They work for you to ensure nothing is left out when you’re filing. Often, loss estimates are much lower than they should be because items are left out due to a miscalculation. Hiring a public insurance adjuster is a great way to prevent that.

All adjusters go through professional training to assess property damage and the amount it will cost for repairs. Hiring an adjuster that doesn’t represent the insurance company can be extremely beneficial for the policyholder.

We’ll Save You Time

Filing an insurance claim takes time and patience that is extremely hard to come by after you’ve sustained severe property damage. Let us take the pressure off.

Having an adjuster represent you also means that you won’t have to spend hours negotiating and talking to the insurance company. Everything will be handled for you, giving you more time to take care of personal needs.

Weeding through all the insurance jargon is time-consuming and often frustrating. Public adjusters are professionals that already have that knowledge and are ready to use it while representing you.

We’ll Save You Stress

In addition to saving you time, your stress surrounding your claim will decrease dramatically. Our active and transparent adjusters will communicate with you every step of the way. You’ll never have to question if your claim is being processed or handled correctly.

We’ll Make Sure You Get What You Deserve

Based on research, experience, and the facts of your claim, we will know how much your claim is worth. Since we work for you and not the insurance company, we will challenge the insurance company’s offer if it’s not fair. We want the best for our clients.

Your end goal is our end goal. By presenting the insurance company with facts and a compelling argument, we will do everything in our power to get you the best insurance payout for your claim. We don’t want you to pay out of pocket for any damage your property has sustained if you don’t have to.

What Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters Can Do For You

If you’re about to file an insurance claim, you should consider hiring a public insurance adjuster. Insurance adjusters sent by the insurance company do not work for you. They don’t have your best interest in mind because they are there on behalf of your insurance company.

When you need help with filing or challenging an insurance claim in Florida, don’t panic. Just call Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters at (877) 561-2524. We’ll communicate with the insurance company to give you the least stressful and time-consuming experience possible.