Water and Mold Damage

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Don’t Delay Reporting Water and Mold Damage!

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Atlantic Coast Public Adjustersx

Has a pipe recently burst in your home or business, causing water and mold damage to take over? Has a leaky roof coupled with a nasty storm created water damage or has the climate you live in created a mold problem for you? If so, then you need Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters on your side to help you assess the damage, file your insurance claim, and negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf to secure you a better insurance settlement.

A recent Florida study showed that you are more likely to get a higher insurance payout if you have a public adjuster on your side. Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters will help you file an insurance claim, such as for water and mold damage, with property owners in some cases seeing up to 500% more payment on their claim than if working without a Florida public adjuster.

J.N. of Hollywood, Florida, is certainly happy he contacted Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters when his home suffered water and mold damage. “There was a water line that burst in the ceiling of my laundry room and flooded my entire house.I had damage throughout as well as a lot of furniture and contents that were damaged. Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters came out immediately and helped inventory all of my contents and put together an estimate of damages and submitted it to my insurance company…Atlantic Coast took all of the stress off my shoulders and settled the claim for me, getting me what I deserved.”

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    Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters Offer Hurricane Insurance Helpx

    Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters are trained and licensed Florida public adjusters, who only get paid if you do.

    Mold damage can become a large problem if it is growing in your property as it can lead to health problems including asthma, headaches, and lung infections. If you discover mold growing in your home or business, you should call Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters right away to report the water damage. We will make sure to include all damages in your claim and can recommend the right experts to clean up the mold.

    Water and mold damage can spread quickly, so don’t delay! Call Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters today and we will help secure you an insurance settlement that will cover the water and mold clean-up and allow you to restore your property as soon as possible.

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    Water & Mold Damagex

    If you have recently had a flood in your home or business, either due to bad weather or plumbing issues, you are probably dealing with water and mold damage. Rather than file the insurance claim on your own, call Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters for some help!

    We don’t work for the insurance company – we work for you! We will make sure to assess all of the water and mold damage, from the most obvious damage down to the smallest detail. We will also review your policy, making sure to fully understand your coverage, limits, exclusions and other factors that might apply to your specific situation, in order to secure you the largest possible settlement.

    A recent Florida study found that homeowners recovered on average 500% more payment when they used a public adjuster, versus filing a claim on their own. We want you to be part of this statistic, securing yourself a larger settlement to help you repair the water and mold damage done to your home or business. If you have already filed an insurance claim but felt that you did not get a fair settlement, we can still help you get your case reopened and secure the settlement you deserve.

    Water leaks in plumbing can spread quickly and water and mold damage can be extremely harmful to you and your family, causing health problems such as asthma, headaches, and lung and breathing infections. Mold, which grows quickly, can also damage your possessions. At Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters, we will help you detail the damages of your claim and file it as quickly as possible, so we can get on to helping you with the cleanup and repairs.

    Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters will be able to recommend the right experts to clean up the water and mold damage on your property, who are certified and have the right training for water damage restoration and mold remediation and removal.

    One of our customers, Delores R. from Miami, was happy with the service we provided after she received only $900.00 from her insurance company after a pipe broke in her kitchen and caused water and mold damage to her cabinets.

    “I heard about Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters from my Pastor and called them up and hired them. They reopened my insurance claim and within one month they got me an additional $13,000.00. I was able to replace my entire kitchen. They are professional and I would highly recommend them if you have damage and have to make an insurance claim.”

    Don’t delay. Water and mold damage spreads quickly and you don’t want your family exposed to the harmful effects. We will help you take care of the problem today by securing you an insurance settlement that will allow you to hire professionals for the necessary cleanup and repairs.

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    Contact Us Now

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