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If your Florida home or business was damaged by a hurricane, Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters are ready to help you get the hurricane insurance settlement you deserve.

Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters work with you to process your insurance claim with your insurance company and help you to get a better hurricane insurance settlement. In the claim we file with your insurance company, we will identify the hurricane damage done to your property, down to the smallest detail.

We have the knowledge and expertise to file the insurance claim, negotiate with the insurance company and help you get the highest hurricane insurance settlement available, so you can restore your Florida property to pre-storm conditions.

With hurricane season upon us, the Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters would like to remind you to follow the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) checklists and tips for hurricane preparedness. Storm preparedness starts well before the onset of the hurricane or tropical storm.

One key step in hurricane preparation is gathering all of your important papers, including your insurance policy, and securing them in plastic. Taking video or photographs of your property before the storm will help with any needed future insurance claims for damage. After the storm is over, you should inspect your home, taking pictures of any damage to the building and your belongings for insurance purposes. Following these steps will help us get you a higher hurricane insurance settlement.

Using the Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters often yields a better hurricane insurance settlement than you could have secured on your own. Our public adjusters have helped many clients obtain better hurricane insurance settlements, so let us help you.

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