Business Interruption Claims

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After suffering damages to your business, this can affect the revenue you need to stay open. With Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters, it’s our priority to file a business interruption claim on your behalf. No Fees unless we collect – There is no money upfront – no out of your pocket unless we collect.

What are Business Interruption Claims?x

A business interruption claim is filed when damages to your property “interrupt” its normal day-to-day operations. Here is what we look for when filing coverage for this claim:

  1. We calculate an estimate based on two different methods:
    • Gross Earnings: Your total net loss subtracted by discontinued expenses
    • Net Income: The initial profits or losses added to ongoing expenses subtracted from earnings during current operations
  2. Businesses that are shut down for a lengthy period of time have a higher chance for getting the maximum number of claims needed due to the economic impact to your company.
  3. If there are replacement costs factored in, this means that you will most likely have fewer business interruptions by resuming regular operations quicker.
  4. To file a business interruption claim, you do not have to claim physical damages only. In fact, you can claim damages to a supplier, or even a power outage, etc.
  5. Coverage commences on the exact day the damages were discovered and ending on the day they have been repaired. If needed, you can choose to claim indemnity, meaning that a company is eligible to receive the expected income they would have had during the interruption.

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